Dutch oven recipe: Dump cake

I’m still learning about how to use my dutch oven.  Instead of bringing a regular homestead recipe, today I’m going to talk about another dutch oven recipe.  This is the easiest dessert that I’ve ever made.  This is also the dish that I remember from Boy Scouts.  We always called it cobbler, but others call it dump cake.  It’s called dump cake because that’s what you do, dump in the ingredients.  There’s no stirring or mixing.

Dump cake ingredients

  • 2 cans of pie filling
  • 1 cake mix
  • 1 stick of butter

The original recipe called for 2 20 ounce cans of pie filling.  I decided that I wanted to try using my Apple Pie Filling in a Jar.  My jars of pie filling are quarts, so I used about 1 1/2 jars of pie filling.  My wife will use the remaining half jar of apple pie filling to make waffles for the kids tomorrow morning.

Adding the apple pie filling

One thing that I remembered from Boy Scouts was that this dish can burn onto the dutch oven pretty easily.  To help avoid this, I greased the dutch oven well.

Dump the pie filling into the bottom of the dutch oven.  Spread the filling so that it is in an even layer.

Add the cake mix and butter

Dump the cake mix on top of the pie filling.  Spread this so that it covers all of the pie filling.  Slice the butter into pats and drop these evenly around the surface of the cake mix.

I used a spice cake mix because I used apple pie filing.  Friends recommend using chocolate cake mix with cherries and white cake mix with any other fruit filling.

Finished cooking

Bake the dump cake at about 375F.  Once again, I used the Dinwiddie method of placing the charcoal briquettes.  Since I needed 375F, I put 1 ring under the oven and a little more than 1 1/2 rings on top.  I baked this for about 60 minutes until there were no dry patches of cake mix and the pie filling liquid bubbled up through the cake.

Dessert is served

We don’t have any ice cream in the house, so whipped cream had to suffice.  This tastes great.  The spice cake worked wonderfully with the apple pie filling.  We will do this again.

6 responses to “Dutch oven recipe: Dump cake

  1. Looks delicious! We have done dump cakes in the oven here before. Usually a yellow cake, and pie filling (cherry). Very easy and great tasting.

    • I like chocolate cake with cherry pie filling. The apple and spice went together very well. I think that any other fruits will be with yellow cake.

  2. I think we all did that one camping in scouts. Maybe I’ll pick up some extra cake mixes when they’re on sale and add to my preps.

    • That’s the only thing that we ever used the dutch oven for in scouts. That’s part of the reason I’ve put off getting a dutch oven for so long, I thought it was only for dessert.

  3. Have you tried this recipe in a solar oven? I watched Lowbuck Prepper on youtube make a similar one with his sport solar oven and it turned out awesome. Thanks for all you work with the blog, I share with everyone I come in contact with. Take care.

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