Homestead Weekly Update

Welcome to this week’s update.

Plague doctor shoveling

Plague doctor shoveling

Like much of the East coast, we got hit with some snow this week.  Over the weekend, we got 6 or 8 inches of snow, then another inch or so of rain.  So there wasn’t all that much depth to the snow once the second storm hit.  On Tuesday, we got hit with another 5 inches of snow.  Since I can’t do any lifting, my wonderful wife and son shoveled the driveway.  My son didn’t get to do much with his costume, so he wore the plague doctor mask while shoveling.  He said it kept him warm, I think it was because it was odd to do.

Another branch down

Another branch down

At the end of the driveway, we have a huge pine tree.  It has been there for a long time and is getting weak.  Each time we have a storm, it drops some branches.  The weekend storm, it dropped a branch that was about 12″ in diameter.  It blocked the driveway and broke my fence.  My wife and son cut away the parts of the branch that was blocking the driveway so she could go to work.  But I’ll have to get the chainsaw out to cut the rest of it up.  We’ve decided that we need to take this tree down.  I’ll need to remove the fence along side of it and have someone drop it.  Then I’ll cut it up to get rid of it.  I can’t see it being too expensive to have them drop a tree.

That’s what’s happened this week on my homestead.

One response to “Homestead Weekly Update

  1. You’d be surprised how expensive it can be to hire someone to drop a tree. Make sure you get a few quotes and then haggle with prices as they can be all over the map. Your best bet is to look on Craigslist or somewhere for freelancers.

    Case in point, I needed to have three trees dropped, and one of the decent sized ones was kind of leaning over the house.

    I got three quotes – $2800, $2200, from commercial tree companies, then $750 from a guy who works for a company but does his own thing on weekends. I negotiated with that guy and he was happy to go down to $550 because I did a bit of the cleanup. Big difference and they did a great job!

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